Bellingham WordPress Services

Although there are many web design companies in Bellingham, there are few which specialize in WordPress. We have focused our efforts and vision on WordPress web services since 2008. Our skills have been honed through the years by supporting not only our client’s websites, but our own websites as well.

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What is a WordPress child theme and why should I use one for website?

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

What is a WordPress child theme?

The WordPress team has done a great job of summing it up in their codex: But I’ll dispense the knowledge in my own words just the same.

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Why Bellingham Business Websites Use WordPress?

This is a very common and intelligent question to ask. After all, why should you invest in a WordPress-based website design for your business? There are numerous reasons, but I’ll outline my favorite briefly for you. If you’re wondering if WordPress is the right system for your business, just give me a ring. I’ll give you the knowledge you need to make a sound business decision, even if it means referring you to a competitor.

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Belingham SEO | Black Hat vs. White Hat Search Engine Optimization with SEO Tips

To begin, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As a bold stroke explanation, SEO is the process of modifying a website’s online presence in order to increase its rankings in the search engines for specifically targeted search terms. Search Engine Optimization comes in many different forms. Some search optimization professionals believe the best approach to achieving good rankings includes a heavy inbound link profile for a website. Yet others don’t focus on link building at all, instead turning their attentions toward on-site improvements and content modifications.

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Start A Business In Bellingham (With a WordPress Website)

Back in 2008 I (Rick) had found myself working for a mid-sized server manufacturing company. With the economy as it was, this company decided that they couldn’t afford to have me continue testing their web software and I was let go. At the time the event was quite devastating. In addition to some health issues I was working through I wasn’t able to find work immediately. After a very uncomfortable period of time my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on being self-employed. We had heard a lot about it being difficult, but we knew we were up for the challenge. In our eyes, going back and working for someone else could land us in the exact same situation again… the economy could take a turn for the worse and leave us penniless.

Shortly thereafter I started my first incarnation of Bellingham WP, then named D’Haene Design. It was difficult to start, but we managed to get by the first few months. From the beginning I had set to work with my search engine optimization knowledge and, after a few months, my website was ranking really well for my targeted keyword search terms which were driving a fair bit of traffic that resulted in work and projects. In hind-sight, and you can quote me on this, the website made all the difference.

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Small Business SEO | Bellingham SEO Tips | Search Engine Optimization

If you’re a small business owner, Search Engine Optimization can be a daunting process. Just having the budget to pay an SEO company does not guarantee success. Even if you are fortunate enough to be technically minded and plan on performing the SEO yourself, you are still faced with a lot of misinformation to weed through. In addition, most Search Engine Optimization professionals and firms are not comfortable having the client perform specific aspects of the optimization work themselves. Our goal at Bellingham WP is to help our clients achieve success. If that means we do 100% of the work, we’re fine with that. If, instead, it means spending the time to educate our clients on how to achieve their goals, we’re happy to oblige.

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Local Businesses and Online Success

Back in the early days of the internet simply having a website online could be enough effort to guarantee that your business would be found. The primary reason being that competition was very thin. Potential clients and customers were clamoring to use the internet for all purposes, including finding service providers. As we all know, the dot-com boom was followed by a sharp collapse. As more and more competition entered the marketplace, in the form of new websites offering new services, the easy approach of ‘set it and forget it’ quickly disappeared.

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Welcome to Bellingham WP!

Thank you for taking a moment to view our website and our blog. We certainly do appreciate it!

About a year ago, my wife Melissa and I (Rick) had a discussion regarding web services in Bellingham. Knowing that we both preferred the WordPress framework, we started to examine the service offerings around Bellingham. We were surprised to find that there were few business offering WordPress services at all, let alone exclusively. After a period of deliberation, we determined that the need existed in Bellingham for a WordPress services company. It has been our belief for awhile now that Bellingham businesses could benefit greatly from the expertise that we bring to the table. As such, we present to you

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