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Bellingham WP’s Sustainable Connections Membership

Triple Wren Farm's Flowers

I’m very proud to announce that Bellingham WP has become a member of Sustainable Connections. Sustainable Connections is a membership-based group of local businesses whom understand the benefits of supporting our local economy while committing to sustainable business practices. Holding a membership with Sustainable Connections has been a goal of mine for Bellingham WP ever since we began offering website design services.

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Welcome to Bellingham WP!

Thank you for taking a moment to view our website and our blog. We certainly do appreciate it!

About a year ago, my wife Melissa and I (Rick) had a discussion regarding web services in Bellingham. Knowing that we both preferred the WordPress framework, we started to examine the service offerings around Bellingham. We were surprised to find that there were few business offering WordPress services at all, let alone exclusively. After a period of deliberation, we determined that the need existed in Bellingham for a WordPress services company. It has been our belief for awhile now that Bellingham businesses could benefit greatly from the expertise that we bring to the table. As such, we present to you

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