WordPress Services

Retained WordPress Support Services

Our Retained WordPress Support Services have been designed to suit our client’s ongoing support needs. With this service we remain active and available to work on your WordPress website throughout the calendar month, taking and processing task requests from our client’s pre-authorized team members. Retained WordPress Support Services – Learn More

WordPress Website Design

We offer several WordPress website design services to suit the individual needs of our clients. We can modify the WordPress theme you’re currently using, or the premium theme you’ve had your eye on, to suit your needs, or we can develop a custom WordPress theme from scratch. WordPress Website Design – Learn More

WordPress Website Management and Hosting

Bellingham WP provides 100% hands-off WordPress website management and hosting services for businesses and bloggers. One of our more popular WordPress DIY (do-it-yourself) services, we will take care of hosting account and WordPress setup, maintenance, management, backups, and more. Pay for 6 months of service and have your website migrated to our hosting server at no charge. WordPress Website Management and Hosting – Learn More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We provide goal-oriented, experience-based, proven search engine optimization services and strategy formulation. For a business to make an intelligent investment decision a level of understanding must first be obtained. This belief is represented at the core of our search engine optimization services. The first step in our SEO process is a consultation through which we provide SEO education. Search Engine Optimization – Learn More

WordPress Updates

WordPress updates are important, to say the very least. And they become even more important the longer they remain installed and out-of-date. To combat this, Bellingham WP provides WordPress Update services on both a recurring schedule (Monthly, Bi-Weekly, and Weekly) and as a one-time service. Take a moment to review the information on our WordPress Updates service page and then get in touch with any questions you may have. WordPress Updates – Learn More

Content Creation, Updates, and Edits

A website, WordPress or otherwise, is only as useful as the content and information it provides to its users. Outdated or incorrect content can be a detriment to your brand and company image. Bellingham WP can provide you with a properly prepared content strategy which will identify and address your user’s needs and expectations in a Search Engine friendly manner. Content Creation, Updates, and Edits – Learn More

WordPress DIY Support

WordPress attracts do-it-yourselfers from many different disciplines. Regardless of your primary profession, WordPress website DIY projects require their own special blend of knowledge and experience. Bellingham WP is here to help businesses and individuals seeking to manage their WordPress website themselves, or in-house. If WordPress DIY is your goal, Bellingham WP is your starting point. WordPress DIY Support – Learn More

WordPress Theme Modifications

The sky is the limit with our WordPress theme modification services. We can set you up with a custom post type and custom theme templates which will display specific information in just the right way, or add a sidebar where there previously wasn’t one. WordPress Theme Modifications – Learn More

Database and Website Backups

Each website we host for our clients has complete database and file backups taken daily, AND twice monthly (1st and 15th). These backups are all stored securely off-server. Daily backups are stored for a minimum period of seven days whereas the monthly backups are stored for a minimum of 12 months. Database and Website Backups – Learn More

WordPress Plugin Management

WordPress plugins provide advanced website features without the need of custom development. We install, configure, update, and manage WordPress plugins for our clients. WordPress Plugin Management – Learn More

Malware Recovery and Monitoring

We can restore your website from a complete backup or, if necessary, rebuild your website from the database alone. In the process we will identify and repair vulnerabilities and take steps to secure your website from future intrusion. Malware Recovery and Monitoring – Learn More