Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How much does a WordPress website cost?

Answer: Projects can range from $500 to $50,000 and beyond, depending on many factors.
I like to use an iceberg as an example. Typically, only one-tenth of the volume of an iceberg is above water. The same can be said for a website. Much like a sailor may come across a drifting iceberg and not be aware that below the water level is another 90% of that iceberg, the amount of work that goes into creating and managing a complete website and online company profile is considerable and often goes overlooked.

At one end of the cost spectrum we have a ‘skeleton’ DIY WordPress website which represents the most basic of WordPress DIY setups. Intended for experienced WordPress users and Do-it-yourselfers whom wish to manage their websites themselves, there are no bells and whistles attached. At the other end of the cost spectrum is a strategy driven, fully-featured, living-and-breathing website with a complete branded online business profile and social media presence featuring fresh, relevant, search engine optimized content. Your website project will fall somewhere on this scale, but there is only one way to find out exactly where: get in touch.

Question: How quickly can my new website be online?

Answer: In some cases as quickly as 2 – 5 business days.
The length of time it takes to complete and launch a new website is determined by many factors. Supposing we have access to everything we need from inception of the project, and our workload permits, we can complete your website in as little as two business days. Delaying factors include, but are not limited to: outside service providers, size and scope of project, requested theme customizations, and availability of client as a point of contact.

Question: I want to replace my existing website, but I want the transition to be seamless. Can my existing website stay online during the development of my new website?

Answer: Absolutely.
Unless requested otherwise, your new website will be developed on a separate hosting account on our server, accessible via a unique URL. Once complete, your new website can be transferred over to your existing hosting account, or your domain name’s name servers can be updated to point to your hosting account with us.

Question: How long will my work request take to complete?

Answer: We strive to complete all work requests within 48 business hours.
The length of time your work request will take to complete depends largely on its complexity and our current workload. Best guess estimates can be provided on a case-by-case basis, just ask.

Question: How can my business benefit from a website?

Answer: There are several distinct ways in which a website can help your business.
If you’re curious about how a Bellingham WP website can help your business we urge you to get in touch with us directly. Each business is different and your goals should be unique to your business needs. We can establish these goals and determine how to address them via collaboration.
In an attempt to not leave my readers hanging with a simple ‘get in touch’ as an answer to this question, I’ll dispense a few tidbits.
eCommerce – We can provide eCommerce websites through which you can promote and sell your digital or physical products and services.
Online Appointment Scheduling – For service-based businesses which provide services both in office or at the customer’s location, we can provide online appointment scheduling and payments. This scheduling system supports multiple service professionals as well as multiple different departments. Ideal for: Electricians, Plumbers, Massage Offices, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Personal Trainers, Handyman Services, Landscaping Services, Auto Repair Shops, and a lot more.
Lead Generation – By providing a professional website which contains a portfolio or other record of your past work experience your potential customers will feel much more comfortable with contacting you. Through advanced online forms featured on your website we can have the visitor indicate to you the exact information you need in order to provide a quote or deliver services. Combine this with Local SEO and advertising efforts and the leads, and work, will roll in.

Question: Is it safe to update my WordPress Core, Plugins, or Theme myself?

Answer: Not without a backup of your website’s files and your database.
Although the majority of the time you will be able to apply updates without issue, an update can break the functionality of your website. The best way to guard against this is to make sure you have a recent backup of your website in order to restore it should the need arise. For more detailed information, see this blog post titled: Is it safe to update WordPress or my plugins myself? What about my theme updates?

Question: My previous web developer abandoned me and won’t reply to my emails or calls. What should I do? And how do I know you aren’t going to do the same?

Answer: Professionalism.
I would first like to apologize if this has happened to you. I have received numerous phone calls and emails over the years from business owners in this predicament, asking these exact questions, seeking website support as well as reassurance that it will not happen again. The one thing that rings true in each circumstance is a discernible lack of professionalism on behalf of the former developer.
What should I do? Get in touch so we can have a chat. I’d like to hear what happened in your situation and where you are at currently in the transition process. You can ask me questions while we begin to build a rapport based on understanding and trust. If you’re comfortable working with me we can move forward toward a resolution for your problems.
And how do I know you aren’t going to do the same? My client testimonials, years of providing successful services, and professionalism notwithstanding, it really boils down to trust. I can tell you that I’m not going to do something like this to you or your business, but, ultimately, you have to believe it based on our interactions and communications. I, Rick D’Haene, have worked hard building and maintaining Bellingham WP’s professional reputation. As the owner it is my direct responsibility to provide website services in a professional manner. In the instance that one of my clients wishes to move on to a new service provider, I will support that decision. In the instance that I close my business and no longer provide web services, I will assist my clients in relocating their website support services with other providers.
Ask me some questions and see if my responses set your mind at ease.

Question: I’ve read everything above, but I still have a question. Where can I ask?

Answer: Click here.

Please take a moment to type your question below and we will be in touch with you shortly.