WordPress Troubleshooting

PHP errors got you down? Updates breaking your website’s layout? Not able to login to your WordPress dashboard any longer?

There are plenty of circumstances which might result in needing to troubleshoot WordPress website errors. While some errors plaster an obvious error message on the screen, others sit seemingly dormant steadily growing your error file with each entry, waiting for the right WRONG time to rear their ugly heads.

This is where Bellingham WP’s WordPress Troubleshooting service comes into play. Since we began working with WordPress in 2008 we’ve experienced and fixed a multitude of WordPress issues. Regardless of the specific error, we will either know how to fix it or we will know where to begin the troubleshooting process.

If you’re experiencing issues with your WordPress website, call Bellingham WP and we’ll get them sorted.

A Hypothetical WordPress Issue

It’s 2pm on a Monday and your boss asks you to update the business website. You log into the WordPress Dashboard, visit the WordPress Updates page and start clicking. All done with no issues, or so you thought.

Ten minutes later the office phone rings. A customer is saying they can’t access the website to finish purchasing the products in their shopping cart. Your boss, noticeably upset, tells you to get the issue fixed.

You load the website only to see the message “Briefly unavailable for schedule maintenance. Check back in a minute.” in big, bold letters on a white background. No website, shopping cart, or checkout / payment page to be seen. What do you do next?

Answer: Call Bellingham WP.

We will either take care of the problem for you ourselves, or we’ll have you login to the website’s hosting server via FTP and delete the .maintenance file from the /www/ or /public_html/ directory, restoring your website to all its glory.

We’ll also instruct you to load the website’s homepage both before and after the updates have been applied in separate browser tabs. Not only will this allow you to catch any errors which the updates may have produced, it will allow you to compare the updated homepage’s content, layout, and design to the non-updated version. In addition, performing WordPress updates during off-peak hours can help to avoid website service interruptions for your clients or customers.