Website and Database Backups

You’ve invested time, effort, and money into the creation of your website and its content. Now it is time to secure your investment by backing up your WordPress website’s data. Bellingham WordPress offers secure, off-server storage for full website backups and database backups alike. As an added level of security, we also create a monthly database backup which is stored on your web server itself. Read below for more details and information.

Website Backup Service
$10 per month

Secure Off-Server Backup Storage

Not having a backup of your website can leave you vulnerable to losing your data. Having a website backup located only on your web server can be equally as risky. Consider, the purpose of having a website backup in the first place. If something were to go wrong with your website, say, it has been hacked, a full backup of your website can be used to simply and easily restore your data. If you store your backups on your web server, however, there is the distinct possibility that the hacker will also gain access to your stored backups. He or she would be easily able to delete EVERYTHING, your website files and backups, and leave you with nothing. To combat against this potentiality, Bellingham WordPress utilizes the Amazon S3 service for off-server storage of backup files.

Amazon S3 gives you access to the same “reliable, and fast infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites.”

Amazon S3 Security FAQs

Full WordPress Website Backups

A full website backup is comprised of 1) all of your website files and 2) your website’s database. Quite literally, your entire website will be backed up. Although they tend to be large in file size, a full website backup is the most versatile and useful backup you can have on hand. Everything that is needed to restore or move your complete website is stored within a full website backup. If your website is hacked, it can be completely restored from a full backup. If your web developer makes a mistake which would be costly to fix, your website can be completely restored from a backup. If WordPress itself, or a WordPress plugin, experiences an update issue which cripples your WordPress website, it can be completely restored from a full website backup.

Our base backup service includes off-server full website backup storage for your website’s four most recent backups, performed weekly each Monday. This service can be customized to meet the needs of your website and business.

WordPress Database Backups

Although database backups do not contain your website’s images and files, they do contain your text content and WordPress settings. Failing the availability of a full website backup, a database backup can save your neck. With a WordPress database backup your website’s pages and posts, the text on those pages and posts, and various other WordPress core and WordPress plugin settings can be restored. The reduced size of a WordPress database backup, when compared to a full website backup, makes it easy for them to be stored for a longer duration without taking up large amounts of costly disk space. It is important to note that, if restoring a website from a database backup only, the WordPress theme, images, and any other files uploaded to the website will not be restored.

As a redundancy measure, our base backup service includes off-server database backup storage for your website’s 12 most recent backups, performed monthly on the 1st day of each month. This service can be customized to meet the needs of your website and business.

Local Database Backups

As an additional redundancy measure database backups will also be stored on your web server, storage space permitting. As with any system, Amazon’s S3 service is not 100% infallible. Therefore, relying on it entirely, and solely, as a storage location would be unwise. To help mitigate the possibility of loss of data through a failure of the Amazon S3 service, your 2 most recent monthly database backups will also be stored locally, on your web server.