Retained WordPress Support Services

Do you have a self-hosted WordPress website and need ongoing support? Is your website’s to-do list growing without anyone to address it? We’re here to help.

Our support services are tailored to pick up where your website’s original design and development processes have completed. In some cases our client’s websites haven’t been supported or updated since their original development. Regardless, we work to keep your WordPress website current and fully functional well into the future.

Put simply: We help individuals and teams complete their goals.

Here are a few examples of the WordPress support services we provide:

  • WordPress website migrations between hosts
  • Modifications to page and post content design, layout, and functionality
  • Management of portfolios, eCommerce products, or other website content features
  • Creation and management of a cloned WordPress staging or development environment
  • WordPress software update management
  • WordPress theme, child theme, and template development and customization
  • WordPress plugin setup, development, and customization
  • Troubleshooting errors and website issues and bugs
  • Business closures or other notifications posted to website
  • Adding new and / or routine content such as weekly or monthly blog posts or newsletters
  • Testing of new functionality or designs in a staging / development area prior to rollout
  • Virtually everything else WordPress related, just ask!
And here are a few examples of advanced features we can add to your website:

  • Contact and lead generation forms
  • Live text chat capabilities (pre-sale, support, etc.)
  • Membership functionality with payment secured content
  • eCommerce products and payment gateway setup
  • Courses with lessons, quizzes, and completion certificates
  • Publication support for multiple authors and editors
  • Custom post type creation – Display any data you like in unique posts

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Getting Started: We understand the importance of building trust with a remote, web-based WordPress support business such as Bellingham WP prior to embarking on a longer-term contract-based relationship. To help bridge this gap we’re happy to pull together a statement of work based on your needs for a smaller project which will act as a trial, allowing us an initial opportunity to work together.

Our packages start at 4 reserved hours monthly and extend to 20 hours / month, depending on your account’s needs. The minimum contract duration is 3 months with discounts provided for longer terms.

Regarding our support services, please note that:

  • Monthly hours unused within their assigned month do not roll over
  • Work is halted if the agreed upon monthly threshold is met while we seek approval prior to continuing with overage hours
  • Overage hours within a specific month are included on the following month’s invoice
  • Routine overage hour utilization may require a change to your underlying plan’s hours
Are you ready to discuss your WordPress support needs?