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The Importance of Professional Content Writing

The content you provide to your website’s visitors is the key to effective web marketing. Good written content is the single most important factor when it comes to your website. It is for a very good reason that every SEO expert considers content as king and pays so much attention to it. Unique and attractive content will entice your readers and encourage them to try your services. Authoritative content builds the confidence of the visitor, and evokes a feeling of trust in them.

Consider your website as a hotel. You promote your hotel on various mediums; you pay expert designers to decorate the interiors as well as the exteriors of the building. You import high-end furniture from the best manufacturers and do everything possible to make the service and ambiance phenomenal. After all this effort, you neglect to hire a good cook. Customers come to your hotel highly impressed, but leave disappointed. In many ways, your website’s content is just like food. The design of the website, the paid advertising, and the numerous functionalities that the website has to offer are mere selling points, but the content of the website is what closes the deal. The content that is included on your website must be error free and engaging. It should also be completely original. Search engine services, and Google in particular, levy heavy penalties for copied content.

Key features of high quality content:

  1. It is original: Copied or slightly altered content is a BIG NO. Never use copied content on your website. You can use free or paid plagiarism checking tools to verify whether the content is copied, and only include 100% original content on your website.
  2. It is interesting to read: What your website says should be attractive. It must immediately draw in users and hold their attention. Anecdotes, analogies, and catch phrases are some tools that skilled writers use to create such content.
  3. It should be simple: Contrary to popular belief, website content should not use words that require a reader to open a dictionary. Leave fancy words for research papers. The content should be simple to read so that a wide range of people are attracted toward your website.
  4. It should be accurate: We make sure that everything we write for you is 100% true. Trust is very important in a business relationship, and we will never make false claims which might cause your customers to stop trusting you.

Content Creation Services

At Bellingham WP, we understand what it takes to create high quality content, and offer our content creation and content writing services to all our clients. We employ expert writers who can create blog posts, social media updates, press releases, articles, and web content. No matter what industry you are trying to make a mark in, we can provide you well researched and original written content. Our content writers are skilled in explaining the core points of a business to the reader and ensuring that they are captivated by the content. Take advantage of our expertise and get high quality content for your website at the best prices.

  • Website content: Any content present on a website is known as web content. What you are reading right now is just an example of this. We create web content that will help you sell your products or services, and boost your search engine rankings as well.
  • Press Release: A press release is the simplest, most effective way of getting the word out whenever your company launches a new product or service. It is a specially formatted content piece that contains all important points about your company as well as your services, and helps reporters cover your brand in their news and magazines with greater ease.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Every piece of content that we create for you will be SEO optimized. You can provide us with a set of keywords that you would like to target, or our SEO professionals can analyze your business to determine the most suitable keywords to target. We will help you get greater organic traffic, and therefore help you increase sales.
  • Internet Marketing: Creating content for internet marketing is our specialty. Social media posts, taglines, email templates and newsletters are all effective tools for business marketing and we will create unique and attractive content for all of them.
  • Website content updates and editing: We’ll install your freshly created content, or update what you already have, safely and without breaking your website’s design or layout.

Please contact us with your content creation or content writing needs.