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We Design, Develop, Host, Optimize, And Manage WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Website Design

We begin these projects by first having the client express their website’s vision to us. Once we have an idea for the scale, scope, and stylistic direction of the website, our designer will set to work creating mock-up designs. These mock-ups will be critiqued internally and then presented to the client for review. Further modifications can be requested at that time.

Once we have settled on the specific website design we are going to move forward with, our development team will begin slicing apart the design and coding it into your WordPress theme. Next, we will install your website’s content, menu structure, header, sidebars, footer, and take care of any theme and plugin setups that need to take place.

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This process will put you in touch with a skilled WordPress designer who will work with you to come up with the perfect design for your project. We’ll code the theme together based off of the designs and continue on to host and configure all of the other aspects of your custom designed WordPress website.

Although these projects are always fun, they also tend to be more expensive. As there are more skilled individuals involved in the process of custom website design, costs commonly run into the four and sometimes up to five figures.

Premium WordPress Theme Re-design

This is the most affordable option to acquire a customized, branded business website. In this process we work with you to find a premium WordPress theme that fits your project’s requirements and closely as possible. Next, we set about making any stylistic re-designs to the WordPress theme as needed.

We install your business logo, setup contact form and lead capture forms, and then we will take care of any advanced features and plugins that are needed. Once that aspect of the project is complete we will install the website’s content and configure the sidebars, footer, and header.

Because we don’t have to start from scratch developing a new, custom WordPress theme, we’re able to save a lot of time and cost.

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Re-designing an existing WordPress theme is the most common and affordable approach to setting up a new business website on the WordPress framework. Costs are significantly lower with this process, with an average range of $350 through $1,250 for a complete and branded website.

Website Design Modifications

Website design modifications don’t have to be large projects or complex tasks. If you are looking to change colors, widths of areas, heights, font sizes, link modifications… and virtually anything else about your WordPress website’s design, we can help.

If you’ve installed a plugin with a widget output component, but the style and design of the widget doesn’t match your WordPress theme’s design, we can help you fix it. Get in touch and tell us about your design modification needs.

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These are changes to existing website designs and WordPress themes. If you’re unhappy with the color scheme of your current theme we can work with you to get it changed.

Header, footer, and sidebar re-designs, implementations of images into the website, and custom designed implementations of the output from plugins, such as widgets.

What is WordPress Web Design?

When speaking with regard to WordPress, website design is a broad-reaching term. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) with the express purpose of organizing and displaying content. The website design aspect of a WordPress website boils down to whichever WordPress theme is set to be active.

This means that you can have multiple themes installed at any one time and simply activate a theme when you want to use it. This isn’t always a seamless process, mind you. In some cases WordPress themes, especially premium themes, require additional setup and configuration prior to activation.

A WordPress website design service always involves, at its core, the creation or modification of a WordPress theme. As you’ve read in the sections above, the cost to start from scratch when making a new WordPress theme is significantly higher than starting with a base WordPress theme, in most cases a premium theme. Custom WordPress theme web design projects typically run into the thousands of dollars, whereas projects starting from a base theme are usually completed for under, or right around, $1,000.

The complexity of other aspects of your website development project, such as the implementation of advanced features provided by WordPress plugins or the need for content writing for the website’s pages, will increase costs.

Website DIY, Consulting, and Training

We work with our clients and their staff in order to provide comprehensive support services. We can teach you how to perform specific tasks via tutorial videos or step-by-step documents. These services work well for DIYers seeking to learn complex tasks that are difficult to remember, or to have available for staff training as new employees come on board.

While Bellingham WP does provide content writing services, we also recognize the potential cost-saving benefits of producing your website’s content in-house. We will gladly work with the person you task with writing your content to share our user experience design and content creation expertise.

WordPress and Website DIY training tutorials can also be found on YouTube and, of course, by searching Google.

To get the ball rolling on your new website design, either fill out our new website questionnaire or contact us directly.