WordPress DIY Support

Do-It-Yourself WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system due to its flexibility, ease of use, and quick learning curve. The number of individuals and businesses seeking to create and manage their WordPress websites themselves, or in house, is on the rise. Bellingham WP has seen this first hand and has supported these DIYers in a multitude of ways.

WordPress DIY: More Than Meets The Eye

As with most DIY undertakings, there tends to be more than meets the eye initially. This is particularly true in the case of WordPress DIY. There are several individual facets which must work in concert in order to create a successful website.

Hosting on a web server is required in order to install and setup WordPress. A domain name must be registered and properly configured so that the website is loaded when the domain name is entered into a browser. And while WordPress makes blogging and self-publishing simple, its initial setup requires database creation and configuration file editing. That’s not to mention WordPress theme installation and setup.

Even post launch there are still sticking points which must be addressed. What do you do when your boss requests a new feature which requires plugin implementation? And how do you go about fixing an error after attempting to update the WordPress core? What about a stuck maintenance message?

WordPress DIY Support Services

It is with these questions and concerns in mind that we provide our WordPress DIY Support services:

In addition to having us take care of things ourselves, these services are also available via educational consultation.
We’re ready and available to help you with your WordPress DIY project.