WordPress DIY Support

Do-It-Yourself WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system. It is flexible and easier to utilize for the lay person than static HTML websites. The number of individuals and businesses seeking to create and manage their websites using a CMS, such as WordPress, is on the rise. Bellingham WP has seen this first hand and can support these DIYers in a multitude of ways.

WordPress DIY: More Than Meets the Eye

As with most DIY undertakings, there is often more to be done than meets the eye. This is particularly true in the case of WordPress DIY. There are several individual facets which must work in concert to create a successful WordPress website.

The following is a list of the foundational steps to set up and launch a WordPress website regardless of its size:

  • Acquiring a hosting account on a web server
  • Domain registration and configuration
  • Database creation
  • WordPress installation and setup

These steps will get you a basic WordPress website installed and ready to customize.

Custom WordPress Tutorials and Guides

Bellingham WP is happy to prepare and provide detailed tutorials and / or guides to help you and your team internally manage specific aspects of your WordPress website. These tutorials are most commonly used for reference in the completion of complex, repetitive tasks, or to provide forward-compatible training for new team members. Your tutorial will be delivered in PDF format and will feature annotated screenshots (where applicable) in a step-by-step format.

BWP WordPress Development Support

Depending upon your knowledge level, prior experience, available time, and desire to learn, you may be able to make many changes independently. For the times when you hit a road block or just want further support, we are here to help.

Example customizations:

  • Theme customization, e.g. creating a home page or changing the name of the blog index page
  • Plugin implementation: from WordPress dashboard security to adding an advance feature or functionality to the website
  • Media configuration, e.g. sizing photos or implementing videos

BWP WordPress Maintenance Support

We also offer maintenance support for those rainy days when something goes awry with your WordPress website and you just need something handled by a professional.

Instances of maintenance support include:

  • Stuck maintenance messages
  • Website errors post update of WordPress core, theme, plugins
  • Updates to WordPress website software
  • Hacked websites infected with malware

Still have questions? For a complete list of DIY Support Services see below:

WordPress DIY Support Services:

Armed with our personalized assistance, you can have your site up and well-maintained, ready to serve your purpose.