WordPress Plugin Management

Even for experienced professionals some plugins can be difficult to utilize properly. Through our WordPress Plugin Management service our aim is to take that burden off of our client’s shoulders. We can manage plugin installs, configurations, removals, updates, modifications, and repair and troubleshooting.

Premium WordPress Plugin Management

Regardless of whether the plugin is available for free or it must be purchased from a developer or marketplace, we can help you with installation, setup, and implementation. If you intend for Bellingham WP to manage the plugin we recommend that you allow us to purchase the plugin on your behalf. This allows us to completely manage the plugin without having to utilize the business owner as a go-between if, at any time down the road, it becomes necessary for Bellingham WP to work with the plugin’s support team.

WordPress Plugin Modifications

In some cases the plugin is written and documented so well that some modifications can be made extremely quickly and painlessly. This is why we recommend getting in touch with us directly with WordPress plugin customization and modification questions. Once we have discussed what your exact needs are you can provide us with the plugin’s name, the author’s name, and set us up with a WordPress user account on your website. We will login using this account and review the plugin to either perform the work (if the task turns out to be a 1 hour or less modification), come up with an estimated cost for performing the modification, or determine that the modification would be unwise do to the nature of the manner in which the plugin’s code was written.