Website Support

Bellingham WP has been providing businesses with website support services since 2008. We believe that a fast loading, secure, well-maintained website is the rule, not the exception to it, and our website support services reflect this belief. Allow us to put our belief in action for your website by providing you with a support review and consultation.

Website Support Review And Consultation

Our expert developers and content writers will review your website for errors and optimization opportunities alike. A broken link isn’t just a usability issue, it’s a search optimization issue which is frowned upon by Google and the other search engines. The search engines a broken link as evidence of poor user support and an indicator of an out-of-date website. This is also the case for most other issues which arise unexpectedly, such as broken images.

Slow page load speed is also a prime indicator of a poor website experience. As part of our review we will identify and seek to address slow loading pages and assets so that they load quickly for every potential customer.

Maintaining Your Website: A Business Asset

Is your website’s URL or domain listed on your business cards? What about your marketing materials such as flyers and signage? If this is the case then your potential customers are reviewing your business and its products or services day and night. A broken link or a typo here, an image which fails to load there… these issues stack up to, ultimately, representing your business in a poor light. Without putting your best foot forward you could be limiting your potential on a webpage by webpage basis. Combat this by allowing Bellingham WP to review your website and its content for errors, consistency issues, as well as conversion rate optimization.

From server and hosting services and support, to website error troubleshooting and advanced feature implementation. Bellingham WP wants to help your website excel in all areas.

Does Your Website Need Bellingham WP’s Support?

Ask yourself, is your website mobile friendly and fast loading? Does it often convert visitors into sales or leads? Are there sections of content which are out of date, inaccurate, or just not functioning as they should?

During our website support review process we will specifically look into these issues, and more.

Mobile Friendly: A growing section of consumers are using mobile devices, sometimes exclusively, to do their online shopping and research. Many newer households do not even contain a laptop or a PC, relying instead on their individual smart phones or tablets to fill this role. If your website doesn’t display well on these devices, you’re limiting your ability to reach a large portion of society.

Website Load Speed Optimization: Slow to load webpages and websites are a primary contributing factor to website abandonment. As a page approaches the 4 second mark for loading, the abandonment rate hits ~25%. This abandonment percentage increases linearly with the load time. You yourself might shy away from a video which doesn’t start playing after a few seconds, or opt to read a page which displays rapidly more so than one which lags behind it. It makes sense to provide a quality user experience, let Bellingham WP diagnose and address this for you.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Do you have a signup or contact button close to your pitch message? How accessible is your phone number, and is it mobile friendly itself? Our conversion rate optimization review processes will identify opportunities for your website to convert leads and sales more efficiently and with regularity, helping you make the most of the visitors your website already receives.

Error Correction And Out Of Date Information: Inaccurate store hours, contact information, or broken links are unexpected by website visitors. Yet they are all too common on the modern website. Not only will we review these aspects of your website for potential adjustment, we will fix any issues that are found.