WordPress Theme Modifications

Do you need help updating a parent theme but have customizations which will be overwritten if you do? Read here about The Importance of Using a WordPress Child Theme to discover how Bellingham WP can help!

WordPress theme modifications can vary in their complexity significantly. At one of end of the spectrum might be something as complex as the addition of a widgetized sidebar. This requires the addition of the necessary code to register the sidebar with the WordPress CMS as well as the creation of a theme template in order for it to be displayed as desired. If the theme is responsive, steps will also need to be taken to ensure that the responsive design is not broken in the process of the addition. Shifting to the other end of the spectrum we find simple navigation modifications that will, for instances, allow you to display more than the standard number of pages within your navigation, which is usually accomplished by reducing the amount of space between each menu item. It goes without saying that the more complex the modification the more time it will take to complete.

As with any system that allows its user-base to contribute assets, such as is the case with WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, there is a measure of unpredictability that is inherent to every modification. A WordPress theme, for instance, that doesn’t make use of the standard WordPress navigation menu system for the display of its mobile navigation menu may require additional steps to complete. For this reason, we do not quote WordPress theme modifications and instead perform all of the work at our hourly rate. This serves to ensure that you are only billed for the actual amount of time a modification takes to complete.

Addition of a Widgetized Sidebar or Footer

A widgetized sidebar is described as such because it makes use of widgets, which can be managed by visiting Appearance > Widgets from the back-end of your WordPress website. As mentioned above, this task can vary in the amount of time it takes to complete based on the WordPress theme that is being used. Once the necessary code has been added so that the sidebar can be managed from within WordPress, it also has to be told where it will be displayed.

In most cases, the creation and modification of a WordPress template will also be required. This will give you the option to select a template either with the sidebar, or without, for each unique page. Multiple sidebars can also be created and added to multiple different templates allowing you the ability to create and display sidebars which will only appear on specific sets of pages. For example, imagine an auto dealership website that has a section for Cars, and another for Trucks. Any pages that will be used for the Cars section can have their content set to be displayed using the Cars template which features the unique Cars sidebar. Thus, allowing the dealership to custom tailor the content that is viewed based on the section of the website in which it appears.

Custom Template Creation

Each page that is created within WordPress is displayed via a template file. If there are multiple templates available to choose from, a selection can be made by the user while the page is being edited or created. A template file determines how and where the content is displayed when the page is loaded. Templates can be of great help when displaying structure content. Most WordPress themes are created with the intent of displaying static text. Through the use of templates we are able to create a customized layout of any given content, to suit your needs.

WordPress Theme Modifications… They Sky is the Limit

If you have a specific goal in mind, give us a call. We will work with you to determine how we can help achieve your goals. Realistically speaking, there are thousands of different types of modifications that can be made to a WordPress theme. From something as simple as adding copyright text to the footer of your website to the complexity of transforming a basic theme into a purpose built custom-content handling engine. This this range of possibilities, speaking with a WordPress expert is your best path to achieving your goals.