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About a year ago, my wife Melissa and I (Rick) had a discussion regarding web services in Bellingham. Knowing that we both preferred the WordPress framework, we started to examine the service offerings around Bellingham. We were surprised to find that there were few business offering WordPress services at all, let alone exclusively. After a period of deliberation, we determined that the need existed in Bellingham for a WordPress services company. It has been our belief for awhile now that Bellingham businesses could benefit greatly from the expertise that we bring to the table. As such, we present to you BellinghamWP.com.

If you have a WordPress website, you’re really in luck. We don’t muddy the waters by providing services geared toward the general masses. Our services focus specifically on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). Wanting to accept online payments for services? We can give you that. Do you want your clients to be able to schedule their next appointment online, without having to interact with you or a member of your staff directly? We can set that up for you. You just need to make the decision to get in touch with us.

“Rick has a unique background which makes his knowledge indispensable for small and medium sized businesses. As a self-taught developer, holding a degree in web and graphic design, and having worked closely for the past five years with an internet marketing and search optimization firm, Rick’s diverse knowledge makes him the perfect candidate for businesses looking to maximize their online potential. Perhaps one of Rick’s best traits is one that is difficult to quantify. He truly wants to help your business succeed. In a world full of fly-by-night web outfits, over billing, and untrustworthy ‘experts,’ Rick is a glimmering beacon of hope, so to speak, and has been indispensable for our company. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Call him directly and discuss your needs just like I did. You will experience his drive, focus, and honesty first-hand.”
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About Rick D'Haene

Rick D'Haene is a web developer, specializing in WordPress, with a degree in graphic and website design. Rick has extensive knowledge of internet marketing and organic search engine optimization (SEO). He and his lovely wife Melissa reside in Bellingham, Washington, and have a few fun pets to keep them company.

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  • FaithReply

    Do you know of any healthcare wordpress themes that have a left and a right sidebar? Would it be possible to add a left sidebar to my existing website?

    • Rick D'HaeneReply

      Hi Faith,

      I’m certain we can add an additional sidebar to your current WordPress theme. I’ve sent you an email requesting your existing website’s URL and some additional information.

      Thank you for commenting.

      — Rick

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