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WordPress Vulnerability: All In One SEO Plugin version 2.3.7 and earlier

WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

A vulnerability has been recently uncovered in the All In One SEO WordPress plugin, versions 2.3.7 and earlier. If your WordPress website makes use of the All In One SEO plugin it is recommended that you or your website’s administrator take a backup of your website’s database and then update the plugin to version 2.3.8.

All Bellingham WP managed WordPress websites have been updated and secured against this vulnerability.

Is your website secure?

Bellingham WP provides website hosting and management from $33 monthly.
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Is it safe to update WordPress or my plugins myself? What about my theme updates?

This is something I often hear from WordPress website owners: “I was going to install my updates but I didn’t want to break anything.” This trepidation is not unfounded. Updates seem to have a way of breaking what we’re attempting to maintain, on occasion. Not always, but sometimes.

The truth is that a WordPress update can cause something to break for may reasons. This can any time an update is applied, without warning. The best course of action to deal with these issues is to have a complete website backup secured and accessible, ready to be restored if needed.

The below information is aimed at helping you understand the various aspects of a WordPress website which must be considered in order to backup your website completely so that it may be restored with ease if the need ever arises.

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Bellingham WordPress Services

Although there are many web design companies in Bellingham, there are few which specialize in WordPress. We have focused our efforts and vision on WordPress web services since 2008. Our skills have been honed through the years by supporting not only our client’s websites, but our own websites as well.

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Why Bellingham Business Websites Use WordPress?

This is a very common and intelligent question to ask. After all, why should you invest in a WordPress-based website design for your business? There are numerous reasons, but I’ll outline my favorite briefly for you. If you’re wondering if WordPress is the right system for your business, just give me a ring. I’ll give you the knowledge you need to make a sound business decision, even if it means referring you to a competitor.

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Welcome to Bellingham WP!

Thank you for taking a moment to view our website and our blog. We certainly do appreciate it!

About a year ago, my wife Melissa and I (Rick) had a discussion regarding web services in Bellingham. Knowing that we both preferred the WordPress framework, we started to examine the service offerings around Bellingham. We were surprised to find that there were few business offering WordPress services at all, let alone exclusively. After a period of deliberation, we determined that the need existed in Bellingham for a WordPress services company. It has been our belief for awhile now that Bellingham businesses could benefit greatly from the expertise that we bring to the table. As such, we present to you

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