Why Bellingham Business Websites Use WordPress?

This is a very common and intelligent question to ask. After all, why should you invest in a WordPress-based website design for your business? There are numerous reasons, but I’ll outline my favorite briefly for you. If you’re wondering if WordPress is the right system for your business, just give me a ring. I’ll give you the knowledge you need to make a sound business decision, even if it means referring you to a competitor.

Easy To Use And Manage

One of the first things you should do when looking into having a website designed for your business is to determine if you, or an existing member of your staff, will be able to manage the website. If you foresee the need to update your website’s content regularly, or if you would have the need to update or add images every so often, such as a photographer may need, not being able to manage your website yourself could end up being quite costly. On some platforms, or content management systems (CMSs), even seemingly small and quick modifications can be magnified by your web developer into several hours of labor. With a WordPress website adding a page or post is a simple, user-friendly process which can be outlined in a matter of minutes.

The Popularity of the WordPress Platform

The WordPress CMS itself is free to use and modify. In fact, you can download the software yourself from the homepage of the WordPress.org website right now at no charge. Why is this a good thing? Well, because it’s free to use, more people use it. Because more people make use of the WordPress software there are more tutorials, functionality extending plugins, free and premium WordPress themes, and WordPress developers (like me) available to help you with anything you might need. There is nothing worse than spending $3,000 for a website only to discover that the developers of that website are your only source for information and assistance, commonly at hourly rates topping $80… and they typically carry an minimum billing amount of 30 minutes or an hour. With the ease of use of WordPress you can drop me like a bad habit after I build your WordPress website if you wish to do so. I don’t think that you’ll want or need to do that, but you will have the option, and that is a powerful option to have in your back pocket.

“WordPress has a wealth of resources available to help you achieve common tasks, such as adding a page or post, adding images, or modifying content.”

Versatile Website Applications with WordPress Plugins

At the moment of this writing, there are 31,067 WordPress extending plugins available for free on the WordPress website: WordPress Plugins. And those are just the plugins that are available for free. Many WordPress developers create and support premium WordPress plugins, available for a fee, which offer more advanced usability options and support for custom implementations and advanced troubleshooting. But what is a WordPress plugin? WordPress plugins offer additional functionality to your WordPress website. Developers create the plugins to (if coded properly) seamlessly integrate into your existing WordPress website. As an example, the premium WordPress plugin Gravity Forms, which is provided for free to ever Bellingham WP client, allows you the ability to easily create complex and intricate forms to be used to capture website visitor information. The Gravity Forms plugin can be used to create anything from a simple contact form, to a multi-page lead capture form. This one plugin can turn a simple real estate website into an off-hours lead capturing machine, as your website’s visitors can fill out and submit the form from their home at 2am.

Thousands of Free and Premium WordPress Themes

Want a WordPress website on a budget? Several of our website clients use free WordPress themes available, once again, from the WordPress.org website: Free WordPress Themes. At present, there are 2,516 free WordPress themes available for free download and use. Furthermore, there are a myriad of premium WordPress theme developers at every corner of the internet offering professionally designed, manicured, and supported WordPress themes offered for a fraction of the cost of having a custom WordPress website designed from scratch.

The combination of the above points, along with several others, are why most businesses decide to run their websites on WordPress. And Bellingham WP can help you every step of the way. Most of our WordPress services are available as WordPress DIY support services and consultations. We can help you accomplish your goals, or we can accomplish them for you… and everything in between.

Get in touch to discuss your WordPress project.

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Rick D'Haene is a web developer, specializing in WordPress, with a degree in graphic and website design. Rick has extensive knowledge of internet marketing and organic search engine optimization (SEO). He and his lovely wife Melissa reside in Bellingham, Washington, and have a few fun pets to keep them company.

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