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WordPress Child-Themes


WordPress Child Themes are a very important part of any WordPress website making use of a 3rd party theme. This category shares knowledge and information regarding child theme best practices and attempts to convey the many ways in which they can be of benefit to you.

The Importance of Using a WordPress Child Theme

What is a child theme?

A WordPress child theme acts as an intermediary between the parent theme and the design and layout of the website. If a file exists in the child theme which the parent theme attempts to load, the child theme’s version of said file will be loaded in its place.

In contrast to a child theme, the parent theme is the primary theme which contains the necessary files for the theme to function. A child theme will not function properly without an associated parent theme. In some instances a parent theme has not been developed using functions which are intended to load child-theme files in lieu of their parent theme counterparts. In this instance the functionality of the theme will need to be modified in order to load the child theme’s files.
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What is a WordPress child theme and why should I use one for website?

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

What is a WordPress child theme?

The WordPress team has done a great job of summing it up in their codex: But I’ll dispense the knowledge in my own words just the same.

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