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The Website category contains posts which relate primarily to business website ownership, operation, creation, and optimization. It is our aim to help you get the most out of your business website as well as to realize the benefits a website can provide you.

The Straight Facts: What Should My Small Business Website Cost to Build?

I’m a small business owner who wants to reach a wider audience, but I have no idea where to begin. Is a website even necessary for a good online presence?

Fact: Small businesses need a website.

For any small business, having a website is important, and even more so if you don’t have a large customer base. This is the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing.

Of course, it’s easy enough to slap a website together for others to see, but you want to make sure you’re communicating the right messages to those potential customers. That means you’re going to want a pleasant, functional website that makes your customers feel comfortable, reflects positively on your small business, and gives them the information that they came to find.

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Start A Business In Bellingham (With a WordPress Website)

Back in 2008 I (Rick) had found myself working for a mid-sized server manufacturing company. With the economy as it was, this company decided that they couldn’t afford to have me continue testing their web software and I was let go. At the time the event was quite devastating. In addition to some health issues I was working through I wasn’t able to find work immediately. After a very uncomfortable period of time my wife and I decided to pull the trigger on being self-employed. We had heard a lot about it being difficult, but we knew we were up for the challenge. In our eyes, going back and working for someone else could land us in the exact same situation again… the economy could take a turn for the worse and leave us penniless.

Shortly thereafter I started my first incarnation of Bellingham WP, then named D’Haene Design. It was difficult to start, but we managed to get by the first few months. From the beginning I had set to work with my search engine optimization knowledge and, after a few months, my website was ranking really well for my targeted keyword search terms which were driving a fair bit of traffic that resulted in work and projects. In hind-sight, and you can quote me on this, the website made all the difference.

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