The Straight Facts: What Should My Small Business Website Cost to Build?

I’m a small business owner who wants to reach a wider audience, but I have no idea where to begin. Is a website even necessary for a good online presence?

Fact: Small businesses need a website.

For any small business, having a website is important, and even more so if you don’t have a large customer base. This is the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to digital marketing.

Of course, it’s easy enough to slap a website together for others to see, but you want to make sure you’re communicating the right messages to those potential customers. That means you’re going to want a pleasant, functional website that makes your customers feel comfortable, reflects positively on your small business, and gives them the information that they came to find.

Fact: There are many options when looking to build a website.

So what’s the best option? Is it better to ask my computer-savvy cousin to build my small business website? Should I approach a web agency? Or maybe try learning how to do it on my own?

There are many options when it comes to building a website. Of course, it makes good sense to have a professional create something professional for you if you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself. And even if you decide that you’re capable of doing it yourself, there’s nothing wrong with asking an expert website builder and designer for help with layout.

WordPress is one of the top web-building toolkits in the world. Currently, one in four websites use it and it’s easy enough to learn. A great asset with using WordPress is that once the website is completed, you can safely make small changes on your own.

Fact: Website designers and developers may charge drastically different rates for the services they provide.

Does this mean that I have to check the prices with every web developer in my city before I decide to build my website?

Most of the time, the costs of building a good-quality WordPress website are pretty straightforward. Unless you’re dealing with a big marketing firm or you want something very, very specific and complex, you can probably expect a website approach and cost breakdown to look like this:

Custom Website Design

For a Custom Website Design, a developer will create a WordPress theme—essentially, your website design template—from scratch. This means that small business owners can ask for a professional website that’s tailored to their small business. Once the theme is finished, it’s added to the website. The Custom Website Design typically costs between $2,500 to $5,000, plus revisions.

Premium WordPress Website Design

The next option, Premium WordPress Website Design, is a service that allows the small business owner, with the support of Bellingham WP, to select a pre-existing WordPress theme that fits their business. Then, the developer builds the website and customizes the WordPress theme to match the small business’s branding and imagery. The Premium WordPress Website Design usually costs $750 to $1,750.

Fact: Small business owners can build a beautiful website at an affordable price.

It’s standard procedure for website developers and designers to guide you through the entire website-building process, regardless of how much experience you have with technology. It’s also worth noting that web-building services don’t include content writing, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

The best developers are friendly and want to help your business succeed. We’re here to give you something that helps you connect to the rest of the world and possibly change the way you do business. Every business like started at the same place, so it’s worth aiming for the stars.

For more information on starting your website, get in touch.

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