5 Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

Many business owners ask if it’s worth having a blog for their business website. The majority of the time, the answer is yes. Blogging offers a simple way to connect to your audience without the need for complex design or web-based skills, among tons of other benefits.

1. Your customers will find you faster.

Having a blog on your website fuels search engine optimization (SEO) so that when potential customers are searching for something, they can find you. Of course, just writing a few words on your blog every now and then doesn’t automatically place you as the top Google Search result—you need to contribute quality content that people want to see and share.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to earn your place as the top search result—you’ll just need to work for it. Linking to other websites, adding photos, and sharing what other professionals have done are great ways to earn some sweet SEO.

2. Post the content you want—as long as it’s interesting.

That content can be anything from pictures and simple instructions to infographics and videos, depending on your budget. Some blogs are entirely just photos with captions, and some are over 2000 words per post. Some are updated daily, and others, biweekly.

It also depends on your business’s audience: Who are you trying to reach, and what do they like? Are they the go-go teenagers who might pay attention long enough to absorb some pictures and a short blurb, or are they working professionals who seek detailed instructions and more complex information? You have to decide the best way to reach that audience.

3. Prove to your customers that you’re a pro.

Blogging offers a chance for your customers to get to know you. Some of them will read your blog and begin to understand who you are, what you’re offering, and why. It also communicates your level of understanding or expertise with your audience.

Regular blog posts featuring work you’ve done, your happy customers, and any other successful details about your business (“We’re adding another location!”) will communicate success—and, as a consequence, expertise—to your potential customers.

4. It gives your business a voice.

Each time you post content to your blog, you’re shaping and honing the voice of your business. Obviously, you want your tone to be professional, but otherwise, you’re free to speak any way you’d like to your potential customers.

Instruct them, enlighten them, rant to them (but maybe not all the time)—anything to earn their attention and keep them interested. That voice becomes like a neighbor or a friend to them, so they get to know your business, and they’ll want to keep coming back.

5. Blogging is fun.

Pick your weekly topic, sort out your thoughts, and put them down onto your blog for everyone to see! It’s very liberating to show your work on a huge project, and to voice your opinion on a recent success story that you can’t get out of your head. Nothing beats having an opinion and seeing people commenting and agreeing with you, or even adding their own thoughts to your post.

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  • Jamie AReply

    I love seeing a business website with a blog! Weekly or even monthly posts show me, as a potential customer, that the owners are excited about their business and want to engage with customers. Post content is a great way to set a tone for the business too and give readers an idea about who you are and what you’re like.

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