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Conversion Rate Optimization


This category is home to posts on the topic of Conversion Rate Optimization, abbreviated CRO. CRO is the process of reviewing a website’s analytic data, as well as other information, in order to uncover opportunities to improve website usability and increase the rate of visitor to lead conversions.

Turning Website Visitors into Customers: 5 Easy Tips

Congratulations! You have more and more potential customers checking out your business’s website each day. It could be that your marketing strategy is working, and those creative Facebook posts or strategic targeting through Google Adwords is paying off. Or perhaps your SEO service provider’s hard work has started to really kick in and influence your search engine rankings. Regardless, it’s great news!

That being said, there is a possibility that interested people are reviewing your inventory or services but are leaving for an unidentified reason. Are you tracking your website’s conversion rates? If so, you might notice that they have dropped, or are otherwise lower than you’d like them to be. This, even despite an uptick in website traffic? If there were something you could be doing to to increase your conversion rates, would you take the time?

Here are some techniques to help ensure each website converts visitors into sales.

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