User Experience (UX)

What does User Experience (UX) mean?

Often abbreviated as “UX” (for User eXperience), this is a catch-all term for the entire involvement a user has with your website. This includes their perceptions and feelings about ease of use, relevance to their needs and searches, and even aesthetic appearance.

Unlike most terms we use in the internet world, UX can’t be quantified objectively. Since perceptions will vary between individual users (and the UX after all, is really an internal experience), in order to best maximize the UX when creating or updating your website, it’s vital that you first do the research to identify your audience, market, and niche. Once you truly understand who you’re trying to reach, your web designer can help you tailor your site to your specific user’s needs.

Among other things, a poor user experience can represent as a high website or page bounce rate or a poor conversion ratio. The causes of poor user experience vary widely and often times require A / B testing in order to be fully discerned, understood, and remedied.

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