What is a blog?


noun: blog; plural noun: blogs
a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

A blog allows a company or individual to write and share content with an audience. Though personal blogs can cover a diverse range of topics, business and corporate websites tend to cover industry and business related news. Business blogs can be used to engage with a customer base and cultivate a following.

The most important facet of a blog’s success is the quality of its content. Content that is useful and intriguing to the visitor will generate social media shares and new subscribers.

What should I blog about?

Personal blogging: Personal blogs typically focus on the blogger’s life and experiences. These blogs tend to take on some elements of a topical blog as the blogger’s hobbies, preferences, beliefs, and profession commonly influence the style or slant of the writing.

Topical or Niche blogging: A niche blog discusses a specific topic as a common focus. Though the blog may venture outside of this niche at times, the general topic is used to build an audience and increase readership. An example of a niche blog would be a cooking blog, sports blog, or even the Bellingham WP blog, which focuses on WordPress and business related topics.

Corporate or Business blogging: While a blog for a business or corporate entity may be multifaceted in its purpose, it will commonly cover topics related to the industry in which it operates and news related to the business itself. Industry tips, discussion of anticipated products or event dates, or anything which an individual interested in the niche of the business might find interesting or information.

 WordPress Blog Backups: If you’re blogging with WordPress, be sure to take and keep regular backups of your website’s files AND your database. While your website’s files control the design and functionality of your website, your website’s database contains the post and page content and information you have been posting. Without a recent database backup, the restoration of your website post-hacker intrusion may be impossible. BACKUP YOUR DATABASE = BACKING UP YOUR CONTENT. 
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