What is a GIF?

GIF, an acronym of Graphics Interchange Format, is a lossless digital image format. Due to its lossless compression, it is most beneficial for images containing low color counts.

The GIF file format is commonly utilized for animation purposes. Whereas videos can be large and often require a software-based player to be controlled properly, GIFs provide widely supported animation possibilities without much hassle. Most recent mobile devices also include GIF support.

Although there is a somewhat open debate on the pronunciation of the word GIF, it has gained popularity as being pronounced with a hard G. For example: say the word GIFT, and then drop the T. The developer of the GIF file format, Steve Wilhite, pronounced the word with a soft G, as in JIF. Regardless of the intention, popularity reigns supreme. While both forms would technically be considered correct, you’re likely to get more odd-looks pronouncing the word JIF.

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