What does BCC Mean?

BCC, an acronym for Blind Carbon Copy, functions in much the same way as the CC (Carbon Copy) option does. The difference being that when an email address is listed in the BCC section of an email, the recipient of the email will not be able to see the BCC listed address(es).

A more complete understanding of the email BCC field can be obtained by reviewing the CC glossary entry.

When to BCC Someone

In some circumstances it may be necessary to keep someone apprised of a thread of emails without the other party being aware. For example, a project manager may be acting as an intermediary between a client and the worker responsible for fulfilling the task at hand. In this instance it would be important to maintain the project manager as a single point of contact for the client while also providing notification to the worker of the sent email and its contents. By sending the email to the client and BCCing the worker the client will remain unaware of the worker’s email address.

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